InkTV December 2016

This episode is by far the one I am most proud of. My co-producer and I took our responsibilities to the next level as we did everything by ourselves. We have mastered the TriCaster and developed a fluid method of assigning and editing stories. There are still small nuances I would like to fix, but this episodes marks more room for creativity in future issues.

The Inkblot 2016-17: Issue 3

Two more pages. Another layout experience under my belt. This one done in the thick of holiday hype. Often times, layout week and InkTV filming fall at the same exact time. This being another one of those weeks, it required a lot of commitment and time management to complete everything on deadline.

InkTV November 2016

Another episode on an extremely strict deadline. The turn around between the October and November episodes was virtually nonexistent. November is a month full of breaks and tests. This episode was produced in around 2 weeks. The bulk of the work was done the week of my midterm exams, so I had to split myself between studying and InkTV. My usually pristine organizational skills were put to the test when we had to re-film the studio portion of the show. But I wouldn’t be able to learn all that I do if I didn’t make mistakes.