The Inkblot 2016-17: Issue 3

Two more pages. Another layout experience under my belt. This one done in the thick of holiday hype. Often times, layout week and InkTV filming fall at the same exact time. This being another one of those weeks, it required a lot of commitment and time management to complete everything on deadline.


The Inkblot 2016-17: Issue 2

The arts section of the Inkblot was only in its second year, and already it was growing to such a sizable staff that my editor-in-chiefs believed it warranted two pages in issue 2. This was the third issue I laid out, and two pages seemed a little daunting. I’m proud that I contributed to building the arts section, so I knew I could only welcome the new challenge.

The Inkblot 2016-17: Issue 1

This is the first time I laid out a newspaper page. The first issue of the 2016-17 school year was done completely by the editorial board, so I had two stories on a single page. Laying out a newspaper page is a lot harder than it looks, and I have immense respect for the editors at daily papers. But layout became one of my favorite steps of the newspaper process. It gives the opportunity to pronounce the pieces, and seeing my name in print isn’t too bad either.