The Inkblot 2016-17: Issue 2

The arts section of the Inkblot was only in its second year, and already it was growing to such a sizable staff that my editor-in-chiefs believed it warranted two pages in issue 2. This was the third issue I laid out, and two pages seemed a little daunting. I’m proud that I contributed to building the arts section, so I knew I could only welcome the new challenge. This way, I could fit even more pieces in print.

It took me a lot longer than I anticipated to complete two pages, but the end product is something that I’m truly proud of. During layout week, I also had multiple tests, it was tech week for a drama club production I was producing and I was in the midst of filming InkTV. With a lot of dedication (and even more coffee), I completed everything on time. These pages represent the growth of the section, and my own personal growth in skill. See pages 10 and 11 for my work.

The Inkblot: Issue 2 PDF


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