The new cast of “Hamilton” doesn’t miss a beat

This article was my first review I had ever written. Fresh off seeing “Hamilton,” I knew that I needed to be the one to write a piece with a new perspective. It is hard pulling something that has been talked about so much into the present and making it relevant again without readers feeling exasperated or dismissing it completely. But this article gave me a lesson I have used ever since: writing is all about the angle.

With 11 Tony Awards, one Pulitzer Prize for Drama and one Grammy Award for Best Musical Theater Album in 2016, it’s hard not to have heard of “Hamilton,” a revolutionary hip-hop musical starring the “Ten-dollar Founding Father,” Alexander Hamilton.

Written by and starring Lin-Manuel Miranda, the Broadway show soared to new heights just after opening in previews on July 13, 2015, according to Tickets became few and far between.

Lucky enough for me, I got my hands on two tickets for last Aug. 24.

Yet on July 13, Miranda retired his spot in the musical. According to Fox News, Leslie Odom, Jr. and Phillipa Soo – who played Aaron Burr and Eliza Schuyler, respectively – decided to leave the show on that day as well, exactly one year after it opened previews.

So what happens to a critically acclaimed musical as its original cast members pass the torch to newcomers? Does it sink or swim? ‘Rise up’ or throw away its shot?

Let me assure you: the new cast didn’t miss a beat.

Javier Muñoz, previously Miranda’s understudy, executed the role of Alexander Hamilton with precision and grace, masterfully singing while still giving the Founding Father a modern edge of relatability.

King George III, previously played by Jonathan Groff, now stars Rory O’Malley. O’Malley’s electric on-stage personality provided necessary comic relief by means of three audacious musical numbers detailing his distaste for the American Revolution.

Brandon Victor Dixon assumed the role of antagonist Aaron Burr on Aug. 23, according to The New York Times. Dixon flawlessly fit into the cast with confidence and smooth vocal skills in only his second live performance.

The new cast of “Hamilton” carries on the legacy that Miranda and the rest of the original cast members created, so much that I bought another ticket for May 2017. Let the waiting game begin again.


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