“Jersey Boys” ends after 12 years on Broadway

After passing through lines of people and a glowing marquee into the lobby of the August Wilson Theatre, viewers of “Jersey Boys” on Broadway are greeted with a sign warning of “flashing strobe lights, loud gunfire, and authentic, profane, Jersey vocabulary.”


One of Us

For this assignment, I was instructed to create a photo slideshow accompanied by an interview of someone in Monmouth County with an interesting story. My first thought was to interview my father on his new business: an athletic facility. In doing this project, I discovered so much about my father and his business.

Street Photography

Slowly but surely, I am becoming more and more comfortable with handling a camera and taking photographs. The assignment for this street photography project was to take 10 pictures of people I did not know, but had a story. I decided that the best place to accomplish this is the beach in the winter. So on a brisk Sunday afternoon, I ventured to Belmar beach to capture the stories of locals at the Jersey Shore.

Environmental Photography

I’m not a photographer. A large majority of the work I do is either writing or video, but I’m not an avid photographer. So when my photojournalism teacher assigned an environmental photography assignment, I knew I would have to step out of my comfort zone. Big time.

InkTV December 2016

This episode is by far the one I am most proud of. My co-producer and I took our responsibilities to the next level as we did everything by ourselves. We have mastered the TriCaster and developed a fluid method of assigning and editing stories. There are still small nuances I would like to fix, but this episodes marks more room for creativity in future issues.